Coupon Binder Store Updates!

Posted May 25, 2011 By admin

Some exciting updates are in the process at the Coupon Binder Store!

I’ve added a few new free tools to the Tools & Tips page, including a store/coupon companion sheet so that you can match up the items you want to purchase to the coupons that you have. Super convenient!

I’m also beginning a weekly series where YOU can share your amazing money-saving skills! Just email me a picture of your haul along with a picture of the register receipt showing your savings, and I’ll feature you on the blog! You can even leave me links to your blog or Facebook, and I’ll link you up! Just email me the evidence of your haul to couponbinderstore at gmail dot com, and write “Sample Shop” in the subject line.

So excited to see all of the money everyone is saving!

Also, if you are a happy Coupon Binder Store Organizer owner, and you’d like to be featured in the feedback section of our website, just email me a little blurb about how much you love your Coupon Binder Organization System, and I’ll link back to you on the site. You’ll get bonus points if you send me a picture of you with your Binder!

I’ll soon be adding a 5″ zippered binder to our product offering for all of you Super Couponers, so keep your eye out for that! If you see anything that you’d like to have added to our product line, or if you need a tool that you can’t get your hands on, just send me an email and I’ll do what I can!

Happy couponing!




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Coupon Binder Giveaway!

Posted February 7, 2011 By admin

The Facebook Community “Powers of Coupons” is gearing up to give away one of our coupon binders to one lucky winner! Make sure to follow the Power of Coupons community on Facebook for upcoming details, and also for great bargains that are announced every day!

Go to the Powers of Coupons photo album on Facebook for some pictures of our coupon binder in action!

I am so happy with all of the great reviews coming in lately on our Coupon Binder Organizer:

OH MY GOODNESS….what an awesome job you did!  Much better than I expected…I love it!  -Tammy

Pam at Mom’s Mutterings also did a full review of the Coupon Binder Organizer:

…having all my coupons in one place and being able to have them handy and ready to go at a moments notice has made shopping much easier for me.

Get the full review of the Coupon Binder Organizer from Pam at Mom’s Mutterings.

You can purchase your own Coupon Binder Organizer, as well as “Just the Guts” and add-on’s at the Coupon Binder Storefront.

So don’t miss your chance to win a Coupon Binder Organizer–I promise that you’ll love it!!

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[the best] Coupon Organization System!

Posted October 8, 2010 By admin

Are you looking for one of these?

If so, just click through to The Coupon Binder storefront.

When I was trying to get my coupon collection organized a few years ago, I started looking online for a system that I could purchase to accomplish this task. Coupon clipping can become very overwhelming. Very. Overwhelming! I found a few systems that I knew would work, but the two things that stopped me from buying were a) they seemed like a lot of WORK!, and b) they were really expensive!

I decided to make my own system. After making a coupon organizer for myself, everyone who saw it wanted one! After making them for my friends, family, and eventually random people that I met in the grocery store, I decided to try offering the binders for sale. The great news is that people seem love them!

My organization system is incredibly easy to understand, very affordable, and durable. I still have the same binder that I originally made, and I’ve never needed to replace any of the components!

In my brief tutorials, I feature my own coupon binder, and the system is explained in detail. Of course, I’m always available via email if you have any questions!

Stay tuned for an upcoming review of the binder by Pam at Mom’s Mutterings!

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Coupon Tutorial: Random Tips and Tricks

Posted March 29, 2009 By admin

-Do not buy things you don’t want or won’t use. I don’t care how cheap they are. The one exception to this rule is if you are planning to get a bunch of cheap (or free) crap and donate it. I encourage this because I do it, and it makes me feel nice. I promise if you try it, you’ll feel the same. However, if you are not going to use it, give it as gifts, or donate it, please don’t buy it. Trust me. I’m speaking from experience. I still have 2 diabetes blood sugar meters residing in a CVS bag (which is shrouded in dog hair by now, I’m sure), under a bench in my entryway. I am not diabetic. I don’t know any diabetics who want these meters. They were free. See the trap? Don’t fall for it.

-Keep an eye on expiration dates. For instance, recently, 8th Continent Soy Milk was on sale, and my net cost is $1.25 (regularly over $3 for me because it’s the “good” brand). I had 20 coupons, and those 20 coupons were expiring in less than 2 weeks. I totally wanted to by 20 cartons of soy milk. Now, we quite a bit of cereal in our house, but there are only 2 of us. There was no way humanly possible that we could have consumed 20 gallons of soy milk prior to the February expiration date on the cartons. This always burns my bottom when it happens, but I had to suck it up. Instead, I only bought 5 gallons, and I left the other 15 coupons on the shelf propped up on a gallon of soy milk. Like a little coupon fairy. I wanted someone else to reap the reward of $1.25 soy milk since I couldn’t.

-Do leave your extra, unused coupons on the shelf next to the items that they are for. If they’re about to expire and you’ll never use them, someone else might be able to. Those who use coupons as I do (and you, soon) truly appreciate this gesture because sometimes we are in the store with 4 coupons, but 5 coupons would complete our arsenal.

-Keep an eye on the start date of sales in your grocery stores. If an item is on sale and also has a corresponding coupon that amounts to considerable savings, you will be hard-pressed to find that item later on in the week after the sale is in full swing.

-Shop only at stores in your area that double or triple manufacturer’s coupons. This is key to the process. For me, only 2 stores in my area always double coupons, and some stores who don’t always double may have a special double or triple coupon week.

-Don’t be intimidated by the jealous, pushy, under-loved people in line behind you. Just remember “it’s their issue, not mine”. You’re saving money, they’re not. Now take the extra money that you just saved and wave it in their face. Announce to the cashier (as you look at the rude people behind you) “WOW! I just saved $142.67, that’s AMAZING!” Then thank the rudey behind you for being so patient. Then they’ll follow you out to your car and ask you how you saved so much money. It happens, trust me. The bottom line is that people are always one of two things: amazed and wanting to know how you do it, or disgusted and pissed off that they have to wait in line while your coupons are doubled (and tripled).

-Always, Always, (Always) get a rain check for the items that are on sale but not on the shelves. Sometimes I go back the next day of the sale to check if the item is stocked yet. If not, I get another rain check. Rinse and repeat daily until the sale is over. Hoping that you get a different person at the service desk each day. Sneaky like.

-Do make a list of staples that you need, but don’t be afraid of “off the list” shopping. If you happened to miss a great deal in the sale flyer or while you were looking on the Smartsource website, don’t be afraid to scoop up something that you have a coupon for, even if its not on your list.

-Know the coupon policies at your favorite stores. Some stores take internet coupons, but don’t double. This is the most common thing that I have run into. Other than that, most stores are pretty straight forward.

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Coupon Tutorial: Part II, Section II

Posted March 5, 2009 By admin

Jogger’s Coupon Tutorial, Part II, Section II

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Another video of me!

Just kidding…although I do love watching other peoples videos about random sheeeet. I used to think that it was so brave for people to put videos of themselves on Youtube. Now, I just think that it’s something that has to be done.

In my case, at least.

I mean…there was no way that I could die knowing that I didn’t share my coupon tidbits with you, and a video was the only way! It just couldn’t be avoided. You’re too important to me.

If you happened to miss the first part of the coupon tutorial, you can get it hizzle.

If you missed part 2 section 1 of the tutorial (video #1), where I showcase my super cool mack daddy binder, you can get it hizzle.

This video is fun for 2 reasons:

1) At the beginning of the video, my hair is sticking up on the side. And it’s funny. I laughed about it for a minute. Then, I considered re-recording the opening fluff, but decided against it. To deny my sticking up hair would be like denying my very being.

2) I make a corny joke about something 1/2 way through the vid. Then I make it a point to let you know that I just made a joke. This is what actually makes the whole scenario unbearably corny. However, I decided not to edit it out. That’s just how I roll. Did I mention that I am one of the uncoolest people that I’ve ever known? I’m 31 now. I’ve embraced this part of my character, and it’s ok with me.

If anyone would like their very own binder, just click here to go to my store. IF there is even one ounce of “organized coupon binder-loving princess-ness” in your soul, you will fall in love with your new binder as soon as you receive it!

You can order one, two, or 500.

Well…maybe let me know well in advance if you want 500 so that I can hire some cheap labor to assist in label printing and assembly. It’s a little time-consuming!

I will be posting more coupon information after all of the excitement from this post has died down.

I kid.

I’ll be posting more coupon information after I have finished typing it up!

Happy couponing!

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Sample Shop!

Posted March 1, 2009 By admin

Shopping Trip #2

The last time that I grocery shopped was approximately a month ago. I didn’t really have to grocery shop last night, since I still had food left in the house, but I had to go grocery shopping last night because SuperFresh is doing triple coupons this weekend. I never miss a triple coupon sale.

Let’s just say that I even impressed myself with my coupon skills last night. If I had walked into the store and paid full price for everything and used no coupons, my total would have been $268.05. I saved $80.32 on sale items, and used $50.84 in coupons.

I used $50.84 in coupons.

Was $50.84 worth the hour of my life that I spent clipping and organizing said coupons?

Hellllzzzz yeah!

The happy part is that I have a lot of food. The other happy part is that My Gazelle isn’t going to need microwave popcorn for at least 6-8 months. I mean, he eats a lot of popcorn, but between my last trip where I got 3 packs of Pop Secret for $0.75 per box, and this time when I got them for $1.00 per box, we have about 15 boxes now. There is no way he can consume that in less than 6 months.

Or can he?

Here are my new additions…


And, proof that I basically paid 1/2 price for it…


And, because the picture never does the booty justice…Here is the breakdown:

Everything that I bought was on sale in the store.

1-8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk
1-Rachel’s Cottage Cheese
2-Green Giant Just for One (my solution to not eating enough veggies at work)
4-Green Giant Veggies (the ones in the square boxes–they were free after coupon)
6-Healthy Choice Steamers
2-Kozy Shack Ready Grains
2-Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (free after coupon)
1-Brick of America’s Choice pepper jack (the only “store brand” in my cart)
1-1.5# package 93/7 ground turkey
1-Family pack of pork loin chops
1-Package of boneless/skinless chicken breasts
3-True Delights granola bars
4-Fiber One Toaster Pastries
2-Quaker instant oatmeal (apple cinnamon)
1-Quaker instant oatmeal (high fiber-cinnamon swirl)
1-Reduced sugar cake mix
1-Reduced sugar brownie mix
2-Reduced sugar frosting
1-Minute rice (I never buy this kind of rice, but it was so cheap I couldn’t resist)
2-Ritz whole wheat crackers
2-Hungry Jack pancake mix
2-Jumbo Rice Krispies (these are new, and they are good!)
8-Pop Secret microwave popcorn
1-Center cut bacon
3-Starkist Albacore pouches
4-2 liters Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max
5-Chef Boyardee assorted
1-Utz chips
2-Handi Wipes
5-Smart Water
1-Crest ProHealth
1-Crest Whitening + Scope
1-Secret Deodorant ($0.99 after coupon)
4-Marcal Recycled bath tissue (this “recycled”made me nervous, but it was fine)
3-Pepperidge Farms Swirl bread
2lbs Red Grapes
5lbs Gala Apples
3lbs Bananas

Since there’s only 2 of us, this is a lot of food. I don’t expect to go shopping again for a while…except for fruit.

But hopefully not for microwave popcorn.

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Sample Shop!

Posted January 12, 2009 By admin

Shopping Trip

As a supplement to the Jogger’s Coupon Tutorial that I’m working on (I promise, I’ll have part II finished soon), I thought it would be fun to start posting my shopping trips. So, here is the first installment!

Disclaimer: This shopping trip occurred between 9:00 and 10:00PM on a Sunday night. I was tired. I didn’t feel like hitting more than one store, so I hit just one store. Had I been a more responsible, prepared, money-saving couponer, I would have properly planned my attack and allowed myself at least 2 hours so that I could traipse around town and hit 2 or more stores. However, I ran 5 miles yesterday morning, then spent 3 hours studying for my CPA exam, in addition to laundry, cleaning, etc. I was tired. And did I mention that I was tired? So, although I am personally not all that impressed with my grocery-saving performance (because I know my own track record), I realize that it is still a significant savings. Thus, I share.

I love disclaimers.

The proof.


The stash.


Remaining stash, that I accidentally forgot to unpack from the bag because it was hiding under the table, and I didn’t realize it was there until I saw Maya sniffing it. Oh, and my 4′ tall register receipt. No, really. It’s actually 4′ tall.

Also missing from all of these pictures is the 100 Fl. Oz Gain detergent that I forgot in the trunk of my car. Hopefully it’s not leaking all over my frivolously expensive, pre-divorce sub woofers. I think that’s what they’re called.


Here’s the breakdown.

The Golden Children (on sale, had a Q):
-Birdseye Steamfresh sweet corn
-Birdseye Steamfresh broccoli
-Birdseye Steamfresh green beans
-Birdseye Steamfresh shrimp alfredo meals for two
-Birdseye Steamfresh shrimp pasta meals for two
-Birdseye Steamfresh grilled chicken meals for two
-2 Kozy Shack ready grains
-2 Silk Soymilk
-Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers ziti
-Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers sesame chicken
-Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers szechuan noodles
-3 Gatorade Powder sticks
-10 Rice-A-Roni
-3 Smart Balance peanut butter
-10 Chef Boyardee microwave jobbys
-8 Campbells Select Harvest soup
-1 Bic Soleil razor
-1 dozen Eggland’s Best organic eggs
-4 Vaseline Intensive Care lotion

The Red-Headed Stepchildren (no Q’s):
-2 Orville microwave popcorn (on sale, but no Q)
-1 Sirloin tip roast (on sale, but no Q)
-2 packages (1# each) Purdue ground chicken (on sale, but no Q)
-2 Gualtney low sodium center cut bacon (on sale, but no Q)
-10 Ramen noodles (on sale, but no Q)
-1 bag potatoes (on sale, but no Q)
-1 Gain laundry detergent 100 Fl. Oz (on sale, but no Q)
-1 bunch of bananas (on sale, but no Q)
-10 Ambrosia apples (on sale, but no Q)
-1 Diet 7UP 12 pack (on sale, but no Q)
-1 Pepsi Max 12 pack (on sale, but no Q)
-1 Diet Pepsi 12 pack (on sale, but no Q)
-1 Clorox bleach (on sale, but no Q)
-3 Ben & Jerry’s mini single serve ice creams (NOT on sale, NO Q, but they are so cute!
-1 package Bloom American cheese singles (NOT on sale, NO Q, but I love grilled cheese!)

Sidebar: I wouldn’t normally buy as much PWT food as was on this trip, but I am all about convenience at the moment. Running and studying is time consuming, and there’s no time to cook when I get home at 9PM. Unless I have planned ahead with my Crock Pot.

Crock Pot, I love you.

Sidebar: I will run to Bottom Dollar this week for some of their meat deals, but I won’t have to do a full-on grocery shopping trip again for at least 3-4 weeks because I still have tons of stuff in my freezer and cabinets that are left over from my last 2 shopping trips.

The Conclusion: More than anything, this proves that even if you have coupons for only 1/2 of the items that you are buying, you can still save a nice chunk of change by just shopping the sales.

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Coupon Tutorial: Part 1

Posted January 7, 2009 By admin

Despite the fact that I rarely talk about it on my main blog, I am a coupon princess. I troll coupon message boards, save and organize weekly sale flyers, buy at least 3 copies of the Sunday paper each week (solely for the coupon inserts), and suffer extreme guilt if I have to run into the store for a few random items sans my coupon binder.

Several people recently have asked me to share my coupon secrets with them. I tell them that this is classified information, but they never believe me. Finally, at the request of the other really awesome Gazelle in my life, I have agreed to put together a sort of tutorial about the basics of couponing. I did this because I like her, and I think her blog is funny. And I can relate to her stories about people having picnics on the locker room bench at the gym (gag!).

I regress.

Disclaimer: I’m not a completely professional, full-time, stay-at-home-mom type of coupon user. I’m sure that there is someone out there who holds the title of “coupon queen” or “coupon goddess”, but it’s just not me. So please don’t email me and tell me that you’re the best at it and I suck, because I already have self-esteem issues to contend with, and I just don’t need the added baggage. I like couponing, it’s fun, and I don’t want you to ruin it for me. Please. I also don’t claim to have all of the answers, nor did I make any of these tactics up solely by myself. I’ve learned everything from watching others, researching online sources, and good old fashioned trial and error. Lots of trial and even more error.

Lets begin! Are you excited? Me too!

Jogger’s Coupon Tutorial: Part IWhen Does The Crap Go On Sale?

Some really smart people have apparently determined that stores reduce the prices of their products based on a 12-week cycle (approximately). Say an item is normally $2.50, then you see it in the sale flyer for slightly less, like $2.29. Don’t fall for it. This is also what those smart people call the “phantom price”. This means that the next time it goes on sale (in a couple of weeks), the sale price will be somewhere around, say $2.15. But wait! Don’t buy it yet! It’s going to go on sale one more time. The next time it goes on sale, it’ll probably be “2 for $4″, or “buy one get one free”. This is your “rock-bottom” price, and this is the time when you want to use your coupons and stock up on these items.

Personally, when I started shopping at different stores recently (due to moving), I made a list of the items that I always buy (brand and type of product). I basically just keep this in my binder as a rolling list. It really doesn’t take long to keep track of–you just jot down some dates and prices while you’re strolling through the store. It only feels like a lot of work right now because you’re used to doing it the old way. Once you get in the swing of things, you pretty much know what phase in the cycle you’re at based on the price that the item is on sale for, and you don’t necessarily even need to write the prices down anymore. It’s more of a training wheel for you to begin with. I use it still on items that I’m not familiar with (but want to become familiar with), and things that I just like to keep track of (because I’m obsessive, mostly).

Not only am I obsessed with organizing and eating candy in order by color, but I also have an improper love affair with spreadsheets. So, if you’d like to use my spreadsheet to track your prices like I do, just click here and it’ll let you download it to your computer. No viruses, I promise. I use a Mac. We’re immune.

I always do my tracker in pencil because I screw things up a lot, and I also like to not need to print a new one out when regular prices change at various stores. This has been happening a lot lately due to the economy. Stores are just lowering their regular prices, which is a bonus for all of us couponers. Oh, and if you want to be really fancy, you can jot everything down while you’re in the store, then come home and type it into the spreadsheet. If you do this, please immediately email me so that I can send you a special gift for being even more obsessed than I am.

I am very fond of the website. All you have to do is input your zip code, and it will retrieve every item in every sale flyer at every grocery store in your area. It’s quite a phenom in my book. You can also search by brand name (i.e. “Pepsi”), product name (i.e. “Cake Mix”), and by grocery store name (i.e. “Safeway”). I luhhhhve this website because if I need frozen broccoli, but I don’t feel like searching visually through all of my sale flyers, I just go onto this website, search for “frozen broccoli”, then find the stores near me with that item on sale. After that, I look through my coupon binder to see if I have coupons for any of the frozen broccoli that is on sale at the stores in my area. Also works well if I’m only going to one grocery store, but I don’t feel like going through the flyer manually. I search for all of the items on sale at the store I’m hitting, scan online through the stuff that is on sale, and then match up the coupons I have for the items I need.

Seem like it’s going to take forever? Trust me, it doesn’t. Stop whining. You’re trying to save money, right? It really won’t take you that long though, I promise.

How in the Heck Do I Use These Coupon Thingys?

There are 3 main components to using coupons.

1) Only shop at stores that double (or triple) manufacturers coupons. There is no point in wasting your time at a “regular” non-doubling store when you can go to a different one that always doubles your manufacturer coupons. Generally speaking (but please check with your individual store’s coupon policy), stores that double manufacturers coupons will not double internet coupons. Some of my stores won’t even take internet coupons. How double-coupons work: -Most stores double up-to $0.99 coupons. That means that if you have a $1 coupon, you’re SOL. You get $1 off, and only $1 off. However…if you have a $0.99 coupon (or $0.75, or $0.50, or $0.35…you get the idea), they will double that coupon. Your $0.50 coupon becomes a $1.00 off coupon, and so on. However, you just don’t see many coupons for $0.99 these days because nobody wants to have to reimburse almost $2. When I get a $0.75 coupon, it’s like gold to me.

2) Only buy items that are on sale, AND only if you have a coupon for the item. Once you have built your arsenal of basics that you always need to have on hand, the “raw materials” (as Gazelles on Crack so eloquently put it when she requested that I write this tutorial), you won’t need to pay full price for anything anymore. You’ll have a stockpile of these items, and you’ll just keep waiting for the 12-week sale cycle to rock bottom on you (at which time you buy the item again, before you had a chance to run out). This doesn’t always work, of course, because this is real life. In the case that you don’t have a coupon, at least try to wait until the item is on sale, then you won’t have to suffer the incredibly unbearable guilt and shame of paying FULL price. Wait. Maybe that’s just me.

3) Don’t be fooled by that “10 for $10″ garbage. You don’t have to buy 10 to get the lower price, people. Even if you bought 5, you’d still get each one for $1. It’s one of those hokey marketing genius things, and I’m sure that it’s equated to millions and billions and fajillions of dollars for grocery stores. And they’re thanking the marketing toolbag who thunk it up. However, if you’re buying 10 items which are on sale and you want to use a coupon, you would have to have 10 coupons for that item in order to get the coupon savings on all 10 of the items. For instance. I bought a bunch of soup last week. Which I hate, but it’s cold, and I’m too lazy to make my own soup right now. The soup was on sale 6 for $10 in my store. So, I’d basically NEHHHVER pay $1.67 per can of soup on a regular day. However, I also had 5 coupons that said “Save $1.50 off 2 cans”. So, I did this deal. See…you have to choose your battles kids. Based on the coupons I had in my binder (I promise we’ll get to this “binder” thingy in the next installment), I could get 10 cans of soup (5 coupons, x $1.50 off 2 cans). The soup sale price said “6 for $10″, but this didn’t mean that I would buy 6 at $1.67 and then pay full price for the other 4. All 10 cans were $1.67 each, and after the coupon savings, I was paying $0.92 per can of soup. ($1.67 x 2=$3.34 less $1.50 coupon = $1.84 / 2 cans = $0.92/can). I was willing to pay this because it wasn’t your typical Cambell’s soup. I think it was the Progresso low sodium kind…one of the more expensive brands anyway. In any case, it was cheap enough for me to justify using my coupons, so I bought it. But I didn’t have to buy more than the 10 cans that I wanted. This concludes Part I of our tutorial! I hope that you will check out the other parts of my “Jogger’s Coupon Tutorial”, including two video tutorials!

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Coupon Tutorial: Part II, Section I

Posted January 6, 2009 By admin

Jogger’s Coupon Tutorial, Part II, Section I

The Coupon Binder, Explained!

If you’d like to purchase your very own Jogger’s Coupon Binder, just go to my store!

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Coupon Binder Winners

Posted March 2, 2006 By admin

I’m just giving things away over here. That’s what I do. In case you’ve missed any of the prior references, I love giving things away. I especially love giving things away that will help people save money like me! Actually, I hope that you are way better at it than I am. Then you can tell me all of your secrets!

So, there were 20 total comments on the post, one was a duplicate, one was from me (oopsie!), and one was a random post and not a contest entry. That brings the total down to 17 entries, and seriously…if the odds on the SPIbelt giveaway weren’t good enough for you, these should definitely be!

The winners!


The list of entries below has been slightly modified to remove the interlopers…

1) Karie 2 weeks ago 1 point
2) Jo Lynn 2 weeks ago 1 point
3) Tonja 2 weeks ago 1 point
4) amy 2 weeks ago 1 point
5) rebecca 2 weeks ago 1 point
6) Runtofinish 2 weeks ago 1 point
7) yllek82 2 weeks ago 1 point
8) Kristina 2 weeks ago 1 point
9) gazellesoncrack 2 weeks ago 1 point
10) Shiona 1 week ago 1 point
11) AmyAnne 1 week ago 1 point
12) LB Moore 3 days ago 1 point
13) shelly527in 3 days ago 1 point
14) saphira2021 3 days ago 1 point
15) Jana 3 days ago 1 point
16) JenC 3 days ago 1 point
17) mmitbarbi 2 days ago 1 point

Congratulations, Jo Lynn, gazellesoncrack, and JenC!!!

I haven’t finished loading your binders yet, but please email me your mailing address to and I’ll send your goodies out this week!!!!

And, at the risk of sounding like a total cheeseball, if any of the non-winners would like a binder of their own, I will make you one for only the cost of the materials that I need to make it ($23). I’ll even stock that bad boy with some coupons so that it doesn’t look so empty and sad. I’m not trying to get rich off of coupon binders or anything, I just don’t want anyone to be left out if they really really wanted one. You know that I would love to be rich so I could supply each person in the universe with their very own coupon binder, but unfortunately, Ed McMahon just hasn’t been by to visit lately. So, if this is of interest to you (or your mom, or your sister, or your great aunt Mable), please email me and I’ll give you the Paypal details.

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