[the best] Coupon Organization System!

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When I was trying to get my coupon collection organized a few years ago, I started looking online for a system that I could purchase to accomplish this task. Coupon clipping can become very overwhelming. Very. Overwhelming! I found a few systems that I knew would work, but the two things that stopped me from buying were a) they seemed like a lot of WORK!, and b) they were really expensive!

I decided to make my own system. After making a coupon organizer for myself, everyone who saw it wanted one! After making them for my friends, family, and eventually random people that I met in the grocery store, I decided to try offering the binders for sale. The great news is that people seem love them!

My organization system is incredibly easy to understand, very affordable, and durable. I still have the same binder that I originally made, and I’ve never needed to replace any of the components!

In my brief tutorials, I feature my own coupon binder, and the system is explained in detail. Of course, I’m always available via email if you have any questions!

Stay tuned for an upcoming review of the binder by Pam at Mom’s Mutterings!

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  1. Comment by Dawn:

    These coupon binders are great looking. I made my own, but nothing like this.

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